Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vertigo en el corazón- Vertigo in the heart



Vertigo en el corazón- Vertigo in the heart
Video/kinetic sculpture
Motors, video projector, HD box, metal construction, wind engines
2x HD video footage (GoPro action cameras, body strapped)
Duration of single clip 02:45 min/ 00.06 min
-filmed at Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Base-jump and camera: Uli Westphal
Electronical support: Gregoire Rousseau

The starting point for this work was video material that I shoot in Berlin in September 2012. My location was the 120meter high Park Inn Hotel at the Alexanderplatz in the heart of the city.
The video consists of a skyline view of Berlin and a base-jump sequence. All video was shoot with handheld and body strapped/helmet mounted Gopro HD cameras.
For displaying the video I was building a projection screen (224x124cm) with a steady mounted video projector at the end of a cone shaped 3-meter extension. This whole segment is hanging on ball bearing hinges mounted to a solid steel foundation. The screen is motor controlled and can be moved from vertical 90° to 180° angel. It happens in regular intervals that are set by relays and two different timing devises.
In the vertical position it shows the skyline of Berlin with the remarkable TV Tower. The video is slightly shaking and protruding steel elements and cables in the image give a hint to the viewer that it is taking from some sort of platform or building roof. Two strong wind engines behind the screen create a slightly unsettling atmosphere. Every 01:40 min the screen goes into almost 180° position. During this process it shows the perspective of a person free falling down the building facade. (In this case my brother Uli Westphal, that filmed this with body strapped cameras). The jump was professional supervised.
The two video files 02:45 and 00:06 min are played from HD box and are triggered by sensors in the mainframe. The work has been running over a period of 2 weeks and worked flawless during this time. On request of visitors the interval time was changed from original 4 min down to 3 min and finally to 1:50 min which seems to be the common border of visitors patience.

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