Saturday, August 31, 2013

Elevated Jam

  Elevated Jam
HD, single channel video on screen
Duration 01:35 min
-filmed at Suvilahti, Helsinki
Performer Son Pham

The video was filmed in the industrial setting of Suvilahti a former energy production area in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. It encompasses nine buildings and two large gasometers.
The idea was to explore the given architecture in an unusual visual and acoustic way.
I was cooperating with three members of the German progressive metal band TrueFalse
that visited me for two weeks and put their musical expertise to practice.
In Elevated Jam, the protagonist Son Pham is drumming on the steel hull of a giant gas clock. During the play he slowly elevates upwards and with the ascent also the acoustic properties of the building start to change. Reaching the top not only the scenery widens up to us but also the perception of the architecture as such.

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