Thursday, October 26, 2017

Chroma Key

Chroma key

HD video
Duration 03:54

Chroma key is a recent work that deals with the dichotomy of two realities that I am experiencing as artist. Usually my time is stretched between artistic work at my studio and work at construction sites for pure economic reasons. As sculptor I find a lot of beauty in materials and working processes that often flow in and out my working practice. In my artwork I often find the need to modify gallery space to my needs and apply same materials and skills from the alter universe. When I face an exhibition the location is an important aspect that I take into account while planning and creating the artwork. Lately I just love to cut the knot between the two worlds and blur the boundaries between art and labor.
I visited the working place early in the morning before the work starts and set up the lights, camera equipment in front of walls that according to he architectural drawings have to be removed. I paint in these areas in Chroma key green. This technique has been use in movies to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video a color range. The green foreground footage is made transparent, allowing separately filmed background footage or a static image to be inserted into the scene.
We trash the wall while being filmed. The footage I gain is inspiring to work with.
It brings planners, designers, developers and workers to wonder about the unique quality of their own work and of the built environment.

Drummers: Niklas Faupel, Son Pham.
Breaking by: Thomas Westphal and Marja Patrikainen.
Editing: Sari Palosaari and Sebastian Ziegler

When Gravity Fails

When gravity fails

video kinetic object
steel, screens, motors, electronics

The work explores playful interaction between object and image. The two video screens show a person engaged in freestyle football. His balancing skills make the ball spin effortless in the air.
The displays themselves serve as counter weights of a ceiling mounted apparatus that keeps them in equilibrium. Motors give small impulses to shift the balance from side to side.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017




video-kinetic object
Wood, diamonds, motors, animation


The Video kinetic object “Peripheral” consists of a motorized diamond studded ring that slowly rotates and a video projected animation. The hand drawn animation is based on motion studies of an athlete performing in a German wheel. The German wheel is an athletic devise, namely a free moving aluminum ring that allows the athlete to spin and rotate using his or hers own gravity and momentum for speed and motion.
For me as a sculptor it has been of greater interest because it also resembles a sort of vitruvien study of the space a human can physically inhabit. When the projected animation reaches the outer boundaries of the circle the projected light sends a sparkle of light reflections bouncing off from the diamond studs.

Yo Bro

Yo Bro

Video-kinetic object
Motors, monitors, custom shield, Arduino, synchronized Raspberry Pi, metal, aluminum

Yo Bro what's up! How you doing? A handshake is a form of non-verbal communication. The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. Two screens running on a sliding rail system approach and distance themselves from each other. At the moment of overlapping the hands engage in a delicate dance of intertwining moves.

Electronic expertise by Gregoire Rousseau
Video software and coding by Eetu Huhtala
Handshake performance by Jakob Johannson and Felipe de Avila

Iconics and Beats

Iconics and Beats

HD video
duration 06:21
In the video “Iconics and beats” we observe a group of people engaged in a game of gestures. Based on a German drinking game the participants count up to 21 whereby each number is combined with a certain gesture. These gestures grow in complexity during each cycle the game is replayed.

Performers, left to right, Uli Westphal, Kai Weitenberg, Kristen Cooper, Jan Westphal