Monday, December 6, 2010

Centre of Mass

Center Of Mass
Kinetic sculpture on stand
SP motor, steel, wires, hard shell plastic protective elements
Figure 220x 90x40 cm, Stand from metal with motor 90x90x30 cm

The work “Center Of Mass”, is a slightly bigger than human size sculpture that collapses and erects its form in a 1 min interval. A hidden motor inside the stand pulls a steel cable that is connected to several joints of the figure and folds its limbs together. Steel springs restore the figure to its normal standing posture when the motor reverses its setting.
The figures outlines consist of black plastic protective shells. (Various forms of sports)
The ancient Greek physicist, mathematician, and engineer Archimedes of Syracuse first introduced the concept of center of mass. The center of mass of a body does not generally coincide with its geometric center, and this property can be exploited. When high jumpers perform a "Fosbury Flop", they bend their body in such a way that it is possible for the jumper to clear the bar while his or her center of mass does not. The work is an experiment whereby I try to simulate human movements with simple mechanical elements.

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