Monday, December 6, 2010

Body Shop

Body Shop
Plastic protectors from various sport uniforms, aluminum, concrete
Hanging 4 channel video display with 23”W TFT Color LCD screens in cone shaped steel display (120x120x60 cm pointed slightly angled towards all 4 directions)
The displays shows video footage of black and white painted body parts filmed in a black box. The face, hands and feats perform simple movements during a looped interval of several minutes. The strong contrast of black and white reminds of robotic 3Ddesign.
Underneath the hanging display is the dressing area. It is a ring of aluminum that is supported by aluminum posts with concrete feet. Hanging from this ring is a selection of equipment garment -like clothes- waiting to be tried on. There are models of arms, legs as well as upper and downer torsos on display.

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