Tuesday, February 24, 2009


90x70x10cm, six objects
Frottage on semitransparent folio, foam object underneath

The Spheres are graphite rubbings of surfaces from various unfolded sport balls. A halo, nimbus like ring of light surrounds the outlines of the objects shape. The fuzzy aura that illuminates the frottage is emerging from a massive foam shape inside the frame.
In art, frottage (from French frotter, "to rub") is a surrealist and "automatic" method of creative production mostly known by the works of Max Ernst.
In frottage the artist takes a pencil or other drawing tool and makes a "rubbing" over a textured surface. I have experimented a lot with this technique in the past and it periodically comes back in my work.
For a genealogist as well as Archeologists the frottage or rubbing has often become the last record of grave monuments and engraved records that rapidly deteriorating.
The works seem to reefer to archeological finds and reveal their inner life best while being past.

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