Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Domes- interior/exterior
Inside: B/W photographs, glass fiber tissue, oil kit, steel construction
Outside: synthetic fiber, graphite rubbing, steel construction

Starting point for the Installation Domes- interior/exterior was a sports and recreation venue, mainly used for soccer that was covered by an air supported structure. An air-supported structure derives its structural integrity from the use of internal pressurized air to inflate a pliable material (i.e. structural fabric) envelope, so that air is the main support of the structure. These unusual shelters consist of a structural membrane anchored to the ground to form an airtight joint and supported in its design shape by the internal air pressure, maintained by a giant fan blowing air into the structure.
The tent was lying like a white massive shape in the landscape and it often patched and ragged skin made it look like an organic being, an impression that was even stronger at the inside, when surrounded by the yellowish membrane.
The interior air pressure required for air-supported structures is not as much as most people expect but still the compressed air was irritating ones hearing ability and did weird things to the acoustics.
The contrast of the interior and exterior was so impressive that they became two different rooms in form of the “Domes” installation. The inside was photographed in 360*angle and reconstructed as room. The big black and white photography’s were treaded with a layer of fiberglass net and oil kit, which is also used by restaurateurs in old buildings. The room can be entered.
The outside Dome consists of a 36-sqm frottage and cannot be entered. I made this graphite rubbing with help of three assistants on the outside of the buildings membrane.

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