Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Position yourself

Position yourself
Jumping discs, steel bouncing spirals, rubber gravel support mats, 68 documentary photos in zip lock bags
One more of this crazy after graduation projects that I realized in collaboration with the German artist Kolja Clemens and the Dutch artist Jochem van Weijl.
The installation was presented on the group exhibition Update 99 in Gronau, Germany and went along with a photo presentation of a high-speed journey though several European countries.
During the journey we (myself and the above mentioned) placed a prefabricated cross in landscapes, interior settings, urban environments etc and photo documented each place. These photos marked moment and place during four days of continuous traveling through Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, Belgium, and England.
The material for the installation is heavy-duty stuff normally used for children playgrounds. The two platforms marked with the cross sign where allowed to enter and position oneself.
Kids got crazy, adults got weary.
I was allowed to present this work in the studio space of the German artist LUPO in the
Villa ARTig (art cooperative Gronau) during the annual exhibition Update 99 in Germany.

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