Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark a place

Mark a place
Performance/ installation
Green foam crosses temporarily marking pleased but normally inhabitual places on a buildings façade, free climbing gear and determination

The old industrial building in Dorsten that was offered for artist interventions during the Exhibition Virtual-visual was such a good climbing area. There is nothing more inviting like an industrial brownstone for an urban climber to go for a close encounter vertical exploration on its outer walls.
I started climbing when I was a young country boy in various trees and further went for rock climbing when I was teenager in the Obereifel and the south of France.
I never advanced behind a medium level but I lost my fear of heights and truly feel safe within my capabilities. For the exhibition I was well prepared and had all the gear and determination to go for a try. For a day I explored the buildings outer façade and placed the green crosses on every spot that seemed to have been a nice place to visit. I marked those places.

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