Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My heart is a smoking hole in the ground

“My heart is a smoking hole in the ground.”
HD Video
Duration 06.00 min

A sole survivor of a heavy party night has passed out facedown on a sofa.
Is he happy, lovesick, broke or drifting? One can only speculate about the figure that collapsed in a way that reminded me of a central element of a classical painting composition.

The unarranged human figure stays unknown to the spectator and remains till today unknown to me. The whole scenario is a found situation that was just put into perspective by the chosen camera angle. The rotating reflections of an invisible disco balls and music beats wash over the scenery.
The tempo, pitch and complexity of the sound changes with the rotating reflections that speed up, slow down and reverse. It can be best described as to belong to the “video game genre”, consisting of electronic sounds and drum sound samples it was originally made for a TV show called Ninja for kids. For the video it was further modified.
The music was composed by Samuli Tanner one of the bright young talents of Helsinki’s musical underground and internationally probably best known as one half of the dub step production team Clouds.

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