Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vertical Limit, Installation

“Vertical Limit”, video/kinetic installation
Hardware: computer controlled industrial motor, arduino microcontroller, hdmi box, switches, nylon wire, steel wire, silicon wire, beamer, and steel, funier, concrete.
Video components: Two HD video files being displayed according to the up and down movements- each track has duration of 05.10 min (original “one shot” footage).

The video/kinetic installation “Vertical Limit”, takes the same named video work to the next level. I always wanted to create a symbiosis between moving image and kinetic movement. The footage of the former mentioned work was used in combination with a kinetic set up. A lofty space at the summer exhibition “Tilallisia paikkoja/Spatial places” in Fiskars 2011 was the perfect setting to mount this experiment. The height of the space offered the opportunity to play with the vertical dimension. In the height of eight meter I installed a devise that could lower and rise a triangular “beamer pod”, thereby constantly traveling up and down between to likewise forms
On the floor, centered and 250/300 cm into the space is a triangular concrete block from witch three steel wires went up to the ceiling. These wires are guide lines on witch the video projection devise went up and down by means of an microchip controlled industrial motor. The projector rises and sinks in five min. intervals and according to this rhythm the movement in the video is synchronized. To antennas on the top and bottom give signals to the motor as well as to the Hdmi box when to switch to the right video file.
The installation worked flawless for about a month but had to be shoot down because of a hardware error (cable tranmission). Nevertheless it will be debugged for the next show and I am quite confident it will improve with this changes. The work can be customized for any room and location that provides a ceiling height of at least 450 cm.
You can see a video of the working installation under
The project was realised in colaboration with Gregoir Rosseau (, who supported me not only with technical expertise, but put a lot of personal time and vision into this installation.

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