Saturday, May 15, 2010


concrete, thermostat, heating cable

The name “Thermoposteriophobia” describes an overpowering phobia of second hand body warmth. I found an Internet forum were people discussed this more or less common disease. A woman was writing about her problems riding the public transportation and sitting on warm seats after other people she doesn't know. Given a few moments to cool, she will sit right down with no problem, but she will feel the seat before sitting to make sure. In public spaces and Transport systems we constantly exchange involuntarily warmth and also coldness in some cases.

This outside work was realized for the exhibition Intertwining witch dealt with interactive installation. A concrete slap outside the main entrance to the Art academy was my chosen location. During summertime this place is a popular hangout where people drink coffee or smoke but in the finish winter it disappears under snow.
I casted a concrete plate (5cm thickness) with a hidden heating module. The plate has the exact measurements of the concrete block and was placed neatly on top of the former. The heating system is similar to the floor heating devises and maintains an average temperature of 37.0° Celsius.
In dry condition it is an unexpected surprise for a person sitting down on this spot.
During rain or snowfall it leaves a visible mark suggesting a person having left its warmth at this place.

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calamarkes said...

very cool ... or well, warm ... idea!