Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Performance principle

Performance principle
Eight figures in combination with projected 3D animation
Hard plastic protection elements from various sport equipment, vetonit base, wood construction

Competitive sport in general and international competitive sport in particular carries a message through its very structure. It manifests in rating nations, teams and individuals, and states at its basic core the Western cultural thinking of being -a competitive society. Not only have modern athletes compete against each other but they also have measure their achievements against records set by already deceased colleges. Their achievements are eternally fixed within our mainframe of time and space.
Western culture acts to firmly entrenched pattern and believes that manifests them self unconsciously and are rarely challenged. There seems to be an (cultural) overriding commitment towards the performance principle. Apply the rules, let the rules define the process; let the process go on without limits.
In this particular work I was dealing with the afterlife of athletes, individuals that lived their live striving for acceleration, broke borders with will power or drugs and are unlike to stop, even by death.
The installation Performance principle displays a combination of sculptures and computer animated video projection. The sculptural part consists of nine individual crafted players. Sexless, bulky and scary, their bodies are mere exoskeletons, abandoned shells by their previous owners.The amour plates that circumscribe their bodies are compiled of hard shell protection parts collected from sport equipment.

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