Tuesday, February 24, 2009


MDF, wax, steel
150 x 100 x 250 cm

When I think about myself I adjust my look into a room somewhere behind my eyes. Not only inside of me I sense this room but suppose to find the same in every human being. During a conversation I have the feeling that I speak into a room behind my opposite eyes that is similar to the one from which out I speak. Of course I know that neither in mine nor in somebody else’s head such a room exists. It makes me uncomfortable to know that there are just a big amount of physiological cells because that means I invent him every day. This concept is so deeply ingrained in our thinking process that we might think we understand it better than we do.
For the installation Introspection I used the image of two rooms that are separated by a stripe code. The vertical cuts in the wood plate are filled with wax that lets only scanty light coming through. The image of the stripe code was used in the sense of the visual and abstract flow of information between these rooms. The geometry of the rooms is implied with steel profiles that work like a perspective drawing.

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