Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cowboy manual

Cowboy manual
Folding technique of Marlboro Cigarette package, folded package, drawing

Marlboro is a brand of cigarette famous for its billboard advertisements and magazine ads of the Marlboro Man.
In the early 1960s Philip Morris invented "Marlboro Country" and distilled their manly imagery into the rugged cowboys known as the "Marlboro Men." The image involves a rugged cowboy that pleasures himself with a cigarette in front of a grand nature setting.
The ads were originally conceived as a way to popularize filtered cigarettes, which at the time were considered feminine. It transformed a feminine campaign, with the slogan 'Mild as May', into one that was masculine, in a matter of months.
Although there were many Marlboro Men, the cowboy proved to be the most popular. This led to the 'Marlboro Cowboy' and 'Marlboro Country' campaigns.By accident I discovered this hidden secret behind the package design of this product. Feel free to play with it.

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